Let Artistic Marble LLC provide your home with the cast marble or granite tub of your dreams. These tubs are easy to clean and maintain and are available as a soaking tub or whirlpool.

Because we manufacture cast marble and cast granite in-house, we can pour and cut the material to fit the exact measurements of your space. The possibilities are endless, with 12 different option sizes and a wide size range of molds.

Our tubs are one piece, making them seamless and considerably reducing your cleaning time. We also can manufacture custom accessories so your tub can be the relaxing environment you desire. We can build cast marble, and cast granite surrounds, steps, and custom tub decks, so your bathroom looks sleek and has desirable amenities.

Not only are the practical aspects of our tubs fantastic, but the visual qualities are entirely customizable, too!

If you’re ready to customize your tub, Call us today !